Week 12: Learning journey

What have you learned this term?

Media writing is  similar to English subject at school but media writing covers it more in-depth and provides a perfect explanation. I have learnt a lot since doing this course. For example, inverted pyramid structure, quotations, and researching, writing styles and story types, punctuations, headlines, and the five W’s and an H. There was also a quiz based on our book English for Journalist to further hone my skills on writing. I believe my skills to writing has improved a lot when writing.

What did you find the most beneficial about the course?

Since English is not my first language, grammar is the most beneficial about the course. I find grammar to be quite challenging at times. But I believe it has improved since then. In Addition, a lot of the weekly quizzes questions involves correcting the right grammar to help me develop my skills more.

What was the most challenging?

One of the most challenging aspects of the course is interviewing people back in Assignment 2. I have never interviewed people before. It took a lot out of me to get out of my comfort zone to actually ask people to be interviewed. But in the end, it was very rewarding because it turned out to be like one of those friendly conversations and I get to know more about them. Another challenging thing is writing a constructive feedback to peers. I do not like nitpicking other people’s mistakes because I make mistakes too. But making a feedback is necessary to help other people’s skills  and minimising the same mistake again. Although, I’m slowly learning to give constructive feedbacks to other people as it is really helpful.

Has the course changed the way you practice or think about media writing? How/why not?

After completing the course, I have learned different types of writing techniques such as the inverted pyramid, five W’s and an H and story types. Since learning them, it has changed my way of writing.




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