Week 10: Practical – Photo Essay

For the photo essay task, I decided to do my holiday to the Philippines with my family and cousins.


Family and cousins arriving at Sandbox, where we get to enjoy all the activities that Sandbox has to offer!


At the counter, trying to figure out which is the better deal between package A and B since the rest of the package are sold out.


We eventually took package A and inside the Sandbox. Since there were 12 of us in total, we had to get 12 tickets to gain entrance!


The boys (except dad) decided to do the zip line first. Waiting in line to get the required safety equipment.


And we got the safety equipment! You may be wondering what happened to the other one. He was nice enough to take the photo. (well someone had to)


Here is the photo of the other cousin that was left out with his safety equipment.


Here is a photo of the boys trying to do the jumping shot…well…not really.


Off we go to the top and wait for the line again (yay)


It took a while to wait again but we eventually had a go at it!


After doing the zip line. It was a perfect day for adventure and fun!


One thought on “Week 10: Practical – Photo Essay

  1. Hi Clarence,

    Excellent job for this week! I just have some quick tips to help enhance it. I think it could have been more effective if you used another source for the photo essay. For instance, Storify. I however did think that your captions were effective enough to illustrate the story.

    Best of luck,



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