Week 6: Storify post

Here is the link of my Storify post.

Using Storify to publish a story is daunting at first. There were so many buttons that i can see but it was easy to know where to write the story, as there were descriptions where to write the headlines and description. Adding photos of my tweet was easy to add through Storify instead of a screen shot of my tweets. The table that shows up to the right side of the page is very useful if you want to put photos in your story. Search up and click which social media you want to find yourself to and Storify will locate what you have posted. Drag the post to your story and the picture is added to your story. It is a very useful tool to have to add a content to the story as it makes it everything easy to add. The site was daunting at first but it was easy once I had an idea how to navigate around it.





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