Week 6: Preparation for Assignment 2

This week’s task is to plan a Storify article for Assessment two. Back in week 3, I decided to attend Sports Fest which took place on 20th August at Victoria State School.

In order to plan for this article, I must consider who the target audience will be, what might they learn about the event, what needs to be included that will make the story interesting and structuring the story.

The target audience for my chosen event will be for those who attended the event, past attendees and for those considering attending next year. It is a wide audience as they are a lot of Filipino communities in Mackay but it is also for anyone who would like to attend next year.  The audience that will learn about the event is from what I experienced at the event, so a short recap of the event from my experiences. I will also include photos of the event and describe the atmosphere of it and will add quotes from the organiser and the players of the event to make the story interesting.

Overall, I know what i need to plan for my article. However, I need to plan it earlier so that I can reduce the mistakes that I normally make when creating an article. Kate Ames did a big part when making a decision of what event to choose. She states in her video back in Week 3 that time waits for no one and must do homework of the event in order to get as much information as possible and be a part of the event.



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