Week 5: Storify

Last week, I signed up of a website called Storify. I’ve never heard or seen someone use it before. At first, I thought it is similar with Facebook but it was different than I thought. Storify account is a requirement have to complete the subject this term, that is why signed up for it.

My set-up experience is same as other website that I needed to sign up on. Make a username, password and set of personal details to complete the account. it was a breeze making an account.

While browsing through Storify, I managed to find ‘Link my twitter’ option to my Storify account. This way, it is easier to post stories to Storify via my twitter account. It took me a while to find it because I’m not fully sure of how Storify works but the more time I spend on the website, the easier it become just like any other social media sites that I signed up for.

While having my Storify account linked to my Twitter account, I noticed that some of the people I followed showed up in my story page in Storify. The story that I find interesting while browsing in the story is the Australian men basketball in Rio Olympics. The stories that they share are up to date with different people sharing their experiences.

Overall, my set-up experience was very easy and still trying how to use Storify correctly but in due time, I will be able to use it correctly just like any website that I’m fond with.


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