Week 3: Media story of interest


Figure 1: Ryan Lochte

Source: Gabriella Paiella

“Star American swimmer Ryan Lochte has taken “full responsibility” for vandalising a petrol station bathroom and then inventing a story about it to police during the Rio Olympics.”

That is the lead sentence for the story written by ABC news. This task is to reflect the way the short story is written. The short story i chosen is an Olympic star swimmer confessing and taking responsibility of his actions. The story begins stating that Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte giving a shocking and false statement of how they had been robbed at gunpoint . By adding a link to his past story, it gives the reader a full view of what is going on with Ryan Lochte. The rest of the article provides an interview with Ryan Lochte and a video of him when the incident happened. The article also has a picture of his twitter account stating his apologies.

The five W’s and H of the story are:

What: Ryan Lochte making a false statement of how they had been robbed at gunpoint and coming out clean and taking full responsibility of his actions.

Who: Ryan Lochte.

When: August 20, 2016

Where: The incident took place at a Petrol Station.

Why: To apologies to his fans, team mates and to his country.

How: By going out side and showing himself and apologizing to the media.

This short story is interesting to me because Rio Olympics is where people who are good at their respective sports unite together.

Link to the article

ABC News 2016, Rio 2016: ryan lochte takes ‘full responsibility’ for vandalising petrol station, lying to police, viewed August 21 2016,


Image reference

Gabriella  Paiella, Figure 1: Attention, world: ryan lochte is a silver fox now, viewed 21 August 2016,








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