Week 5: Instagram Review


Figure 1: Instagram

Source: Google Play

This task is to review a social networking site that fits with our interests. I have decided to to review Instagram as I have used it before and I liked how people express their ideas to Instagram.

Instagram is one of the popular social networking sites that is available to people today. Although, it is different to Facebook. Instagram is a paradise application for people who are photogenic to share their moment  but Instagram can also be used by businesses or Celebrities to promote their items. Instagram does not require the user to make an account to view the website but if the user is into photography, the person may just create an account in order to showcase their ideas to Instagram or follow people who has the same interests as the user. Setting-up an account is not that hard as it only requires the user to fill up a few personal information.

Instagram have many features or ideas that users can edit their photos. Users can post photos with filters and captioned images. They can follow friends or celebrities that share the same interests. The user can even showcase their Instagram account ideas like the picture below.


Figure 2: Rule of Thirds

Source: Kimberley Magain

They can also send messages to people that they follow. There are so many possibilities that the user can do to express their ideas to Instagram. From businesses promoting their items to Celebrities posting their lifestyle or places they’ve been to. It’s an endless possibility, making it a paradise application who likes to share their experiences from either travelling or any photos that the user can share.

Though, I do not use Instagram anymore but when I had it, I personally used it to share my moment when I traveled overseas and posting images of the places that I’ve been to. I also enjoyed my time when I had Instagram because it was very simple and easy to navigate around. I would use Instagram professionally if I was a photographer looking to share my ideas to followers or If I was in a business looking to promote my ideas to Instagram to get as much people looking at our products.

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Unleash your Inner Photographer


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