Week 3: Planning the story and preparation for Assignment 2

The activity required for week 3 is to identify two possible local events that could be covered. The two possible local events that I am considering are ‘Sugar City Con’, being held at the 12th of August or ‘Sports fest’, being held on the 20th of August.

Sugar City Con has been an annual event in Mackay for the last few years. It is where they bring in the pop culture in Mackay by a dedicated group of pop culture lovers. It provides an avenue for locals to unify as one group. Be it be across the gaming, comic book and anime industries. The event features cosplay competition, stalls, and special guests from around the country and the commonly known video game fanatics such as Bajo and Hex from the TV show called Good Game. It order to be part of the annual event, an entry ticket must be required in order to get in. The location of the event is at Mackay showgrounds which is not too far from where i live.

Sports Festival is an annual event in Mackay. However, it is not popular outside the Filipino community. This event offers diversity in sports activity that any people can participate, this includes basketball, volleyball, dancing, and many more. Furthermore, there will be food stalls and playground. The event is located at Victoria State School. In order to participate in any sports event, I must pay $10 to sign up.

Both events are interesting to go to because it is an annual event and it’s where people connect with each other. It will also make it interesting to write about it because I get to talk to participants, organisers or spectators. I may even take photos with them to share my experiences at the event.

Kate Ames pointed out crucial highlights about why people need a plan covering an event. In the video she released on YouTube, she states that time waits for no one. This means that the person who is covering an event might possibly missing some information without a proper plan. Going to an event is to get as much information as possible. The person must plan ahead of time and do homework of the event. The person must also observe the schedule of the event and be aware of what’s happening around the event.


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