Week 2: Top Twitter Trends Review

Twitter is one of the biggest social media form of communication tool. We see athletes, celebrities or people we know use it. Like Facebook and other many social media application, people use it to communicate to friends or families around the world.

However, Twitter is widely known for its use of ‘#’ (hashtag) or the constant change of trends. People use hashtag to either make people be aware of what’s going on around the world or supporting a certain business. Therefore, never ending trends emerges the more people use it.

Looking at the top 10 Australia trends as of today, the tweets were:Twitter

The top trend that i was interested was Tycoon Tara who i mistakenly thought the word was ‘Typhoon Tara’. At first, i thought there is an upcoming Typhoon to a country and it was the first trend i clicked right away. Turns out to be a horse racing competition in Sydney…

Twitter 3

According to the tweets above, it seems that Tycoon Tara won in the first Group race so congratulations Tycoon Tara!

The other trends are related to sports such as the #NRL and #AFL tweets. We see betting site  tab  and AFL using twitter to advertise who won during the match below (#AFLDeesHawks)

Twitter 5

Unfortunately, the top 10 trends had no evidence being used in news stories.



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