Week 1: Star player Billy Slater as Ambassador for Queensland Racing


Figure 1: Billy Slater

Source: Rhys O’neill

Different Purpose. Different Writing.

Billy Slater, who is known to Australians as a National Rugby League (NRL) star player is set to become an Ambassador  of the Queensland Horse Racing.

There are two articles that covered the star player appointment as an official ambassador for horse racing in Queensland. First, the media statement  from The Queensland Cabinet and Ministerial Directory. While the second one is from Gold Coast Bulletin. Both of which were released on the same day (June 24,2016).

The media statement consist of quotes from the officials such as: Racing minister Grace Grace, Acting Chief Executive Officer Sam Adams and Slater himself expressing his excitement partnership and giving back to the racing industry. The statement contains facts and figures in which we see throughout the announcement.

The Gold Coast Bulletin is what I normally see in an article. A bit of a background story of the subject in which we see the article: “Slater has a passion for horse racing and even told News Corp in 2014 he may try his hand at training racehorses when his playing days are over.” The information are straight forward from the start of the article. Furthermore, the article only consist of two quotes from Billy Slater from two years ago.

Both articles cover the main point of Billy Slater becoming the Ambassador of the Queensland Horse Racing. Although, both had a different way of writing it. The media statement consists of facts and figure thus making it look ‘professional’ while the latter, Gold Coast Bulletin is informative and straight to the point with a bit of history behind Billy Slater.

I’ve never knew this until I decided to do this task. I’d assumed that it had little coverage to social media or it is just me not paying attention to the news around the world. However, even if it had high coverage on social media I still would not pay attention to such news as I am not an avid Horse Racing fan. Congratulations anyway, Billy Slater!.


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Minister for Employment and Industrial Relations, Minister for Racing & Minister for Multicultural Affairs 2016, Racing Queensland unveils league legend Slater as official ambassador, media release 24 June, viewed 3 August 2016,


Image reference

Rhys O’neill, Figure 1: Billy slater’s dad rates his best try and it’s not the one you’re thinking of, viewed 3 August 2016,



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  1. Hi Clarence, I like how you have used the insert link feature to link the pages. the only improvement I could think of is to add an image to draw the attention of the reader. Other than that its great.


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